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--- Got love?!?! ----

.....Jesus loves you!..........

22 February
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Name is Rachel, I'm 15, I attend Brewer High school!

I am and love being a Christian!! :) I rock all the way for Jesus!

**my don'ts** I don't drag or put anyone down. I dont' make fun of people.

i love life, family, friends.....

I live in alabama but im from chicago!!!!!!!! ((love you chicago kids!!))

2 brothers 3 sisters... matthew, Glen, Paulette, Jewls, and EMILY!!!!!

i have short brown dyed red spiky hair 5'7 blue eyes I would do anything for my friends...(( ems, Jon jon Brad, Tyler, Shana, Sarah, Emily, B. Jenni,Mike, Nathan,andy, jenni, David p., robert, ben, ariel, a1 and tons more!!!))

I just let me be me.... :)

* i read a lot *

i'm a vegeterian!

I love animals!

I hope to help anyone i can!